nedelja, 25. avgust 2019

Holy Name Weekend with HH Sacinandana Swami - Living Name Seminar - Learning to Chant with Absorption

Dear devotees,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to SrilaPrabhupada. 
It is our great pleasure to invite you to a Holy Name Weekend with HH Sacinandana Swami in Ljubljana, Slovenia from September 20 – 22, 2019.
Our guest will present us a wonderful seminar “Living Name – Learning to Chant with Absorption”.
The seminar and the book Living Name are much more than just a collection of information. The seminar will be filled with timeless knowledge, ancient techniques and many experiences, which will help the participant's journey toward the transformation of the heart and deepen his/her relationship to the Holy Name.
It is very important that all the participants take part at the entire seminar – all four parts. In this way we can create a concentrated, peaceful, undisturbed atmosphere in order to maximise the learning experience.
Welcome to a  weekend of expert presentations, workshops, guided meditations, enlivening kirtans, mahaharinam and much more!
Pre-registration for the seminar is required. Please register latest until Wednesday, 18.9.2019 at

You can also register for staying in the temple on the same link.
Symbolic donation for organizational costs of the seminar is 10 eur for the entire seminar.
FRIDAY, 20. 9. 2019
·       17:30-18:00     Kirtan with Gaurkrishna p.
·       18:00-20:00     Living Name Seminar Part I and Kirtan with Sacinandana Swami
SATURDAY, 21. 9. 2019
·       8:00-9:30          Living Name Seminar Part II
·       11:00-13:30     Harinam
·       16:00-18:00     Kirtan
·       18:00-20:00     Living Name Seminar Part III and Kirtan with Sacinandana Swami
SUNDAY, 22. 9. 2019
·       8:00-9:30          Living Name Seminar Part IV
·       15:00-15:45     Kirtan with Gaurkrishna p.
·       15:45-17:15     SF Class by Sacinandana Swami
·       19:00-20:00     Braj Darshan (special, meditative slide show from Vrindavana) by Sacinandana Swami
The seminar will be broadcast via /Ljubljana.
We are looking forward to having your wonderful association again!
In the name of  the organizational team,
your servant, Manditangi devi dasi

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