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RADHAŠTAMI FESTIVAL 29.8. (also in English)

torek, 8. avgust 2017
Vabimo vas na nepozabni festival Radhaštami,v torek 29.8. Posebni gost: NM Deva-dharma prabhu!//We are happy to invite you for unforgetable Radhaštami Festival,held Aug 29. Special guest: HG Deva-dharma prabhu.abhu.
at Nava-Yogapitha, ISKCON Ljubljana
Aug 29, 2017

We are happy to invite you for joining us to celebrate most auspicious appearance day of Šrimati Radharani - Šri Radhaštami.

Special guests:
HG Deva-dharma prabhu

PROGRAM (subject to change)
Monday, Aug 28
18.00 Adhivasa

Tuesday, Aug 29
17.00 Abhiseka& Kirtana
19.00 Class
20.00 Radhastami special Darshan
20.15 Prasadam


In order to serve you better you everyone is requested to REGISTRATE through provided registration form here.

In the temple ashrams we can provide accommodation for approx. 40-50 devotees. There are also a few possibilities for accommodation around the temple (at devotee families) or in the town nearby, for example:

If you need special arrangements, please let us know, if we can assist you somehow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bring your own sleeping bag!

We will be happy to serve you with prasadam and sleeping facilities (sleeping bag reqiured).
Since we don't have a sponsor for the festival, we will have to ask you for a fee, but would like to offer you two different fees:
10 € a day for devotees from ex-Yu countries (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia) and
15 € a day for devotees from other countries.

Children up to age 8 have free of charge, up to age 13 half price (provided that doesn't need separate bedding)

We understand some devotees may not be able to attend the festival due to their financial situation. No problem, please let us know and we will find solution.

For additional information contact:


Of course for those of you, who will not be able to come, the whole festival will be streamed in live on: (video) - Channel LJUBLJANA
and (audio only) 

We wish you pleasant, inspiring and in-all-regards fulfilling festival. 

In the front of organizers

Your servant

Ananta dasa
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