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SRI KRIŠNA JANMAŠTAMI FESTIVAL 14.-16.Avgust (also in English)

nedelja, 6. avgust 2017
We are very happy to invite you for joining us for two most auspicious and important events: the appearance days of Lord Šri Krsna and our beloved founder-acarya Šrila Prabhupada. Special guest: HH Kadamba-kanana Swami!//Od 14.-16.avgusta vas vabimo na en od najpomembnejših festivalov v letu, to je ob 5244.obletnici pojavitve Gospoda Šri Krišne in 121.obletnici rojstva Šrila Prabhupade. Posebni gost: Njegova Svetost Kadamba-kanana Swami.Ne zamudite!
at Nava-Yogapitha, ISKCON Ljubljana

Aug 14-16, 2017

We are happy to invite you to two most auspicious and important events: the appearance days of Lord Šri Krsna and our beloved founder-acarya Šrila Prabhupada.

The festival will be enhanced by the presence of a special guest:
HH Kadamba-kanana Swami

PROGRAM (subject to change)
Sat, Aug 12
16:00 Harinam with Harinam-ruci group

Sun, Aug 13
SF with Harinam-ruci group

Mon, Aug 14 - Adhivasa
12:00 Harinam with Harina-ruci group
16:00 Arrival of HH Kadamba-kanana Swami
17:00 Adivasa Festival with
HH Kadamba-kanana Swami
17:00 Kirtan
18.00 Kirtan:
Kadamba-kanana Swami
19:00 Class:
Kadamba-kanana Swami
20:30 Light prasadam

Tue, Aug 15 (fast till midnight) - Janmastami
08:00 Class by HH Kadamba-kanana Swami 
11:00 Harinam with HH Kadamba-kanana Swami & Harinam-ruci

Festival Program
16:30 Iniciations
18.30  Gaura arati kirtan
19.15  Predavanje: NS. Kadamba Kanana Swami
20.15  Otroški bhajan
20.30  Bharat natyam ples (bhn. Eva)
20.40  Videoprojekcija:  Vrindavan (Radhe Govinda das)
21.15  Abhišek – kopanje božanstev
23.00  Kirtan – duhovna glasba
23.55  Darshan arati
24:00  Prasadam – duhovna hrana

Wed, Aug 16 (fast till noon) – Srila Prabhupada Vyasa-puja
10:00- 13:00 Morning program (part 1)
HH Kadamba-kanana Swami

15:30 Nandotsava maha-feast
17:30 Evening program (part 2)
Abhisheka, bhajan, Prabhupada-katha
HH Kadamba-kanana Swami

In order to serve you bette everyone is requested to REGISTRATE through provided registration form here.

After you register, your accommodation is considered confirmed, unless you are informed otherwise.

In the temple ashrams we can provide accommodation for approx. 40-50 devotees. If you need special arrangements, please let us know, if we can assist you somehow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bring your own sleeping bag!

Registration fee for the whole festival is only 40€ per person (includes prasadam and accommodation for all 3 days – Aug 14-16).

Festival fee per day is 15€ (including prasadam and accommodation).

Children up to age 8 have free of charge, up to age 13 half price (provided that doesn't need separate bedding)

We understand some devotees may not be able to attend the festival due to their financial situation. No problem, please let us know and we will find solution.


For additional information contact:
Saumya datri dd (+386 31 801 077)


Of course for those of you, who will not be able to come, the whole festival will be streamed in live on: (video) - Channel LJUBLJANA
and (audio only) 

We wish you pleasant, inspiring and in-all-regards fulfilling festival. 

In the front of organizers

Your servant

Ananta dasa

"Giving charity (danam) on this day (Janmastami) will yield one hundred times more benefit than on other day and all one's desires become fulfilled. What to speak about spiritual benefits." Hari-bhakti vilasa (15.299)
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